• We build great software infrastructure for government.

  • Corbalt was born out of the problematic launch of healthcare.gov. We were part of the tech team that came in to help fix healthcare.gov and were inspired by how much everyone cared and worked hard to fix the site (from tech team members, to government contractors, and government employees), and how much progress we all made in a short time.


    One of the core problems we found working on healthcare.gov was how hard it was for the government to manage their software infrastructure. Supporting varied teams, making sure that everyone meets a long list of security compliance requirements, and moving with agility is difficult. Enter Corbalt. We're laser focused on addressing this problem using innovative technology to create secure, easy to use software infrastructure that enables better digital services in critical areas of people's lives.

  • What We Do


    Security is our top priority. We have experience implementing security best practices and compliance requirements (e.g. NIST 800-53, CMS ARS, Fedramp) and with security review and ATO processes.


    We automate as much as possible in code, which enables consistent, auditable security with low operational overhead.


    We use modern software tools and best practices drawn from our experience at Google, Palantir, Bell Labs, and Silicon Valley startups.

  • Featured Project

    Kubernetes hardening and customization

    We worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to build a Kubernetes-based application platform and integrate it into their existing enterprise infrastructure (e.g. LDAP, log aggregation, monitoring, hardened OS). The application platform automatically implements security requirements, reduces cost by sharing computing resources, and makes it easier for developers to build and deploy applications.