We build great software infrastructure

Enabling better digital services in critical areas of people's lives

Corbalt developed a system that automatically provisions network architecture, accelerating the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ transition to the cloud. The system dramatically reduced costs and cut the time to create a cloud network from weeks to minutes.

Our focus areas

  • Automation

    We specialize in replacing costly manual processes with automated systems that improve reliability, increase visibility, and reduce operating costs.

  • Security

    We have experience handling sensitive personal data and securing critical government assets. On every project, security is our top priority.

  • Compliance

    We've delivered software that has achieved Authorization to Operate (ATO), and we're pushing the boundaries of automated compliance.

  • Innovation

    Drawing on experience at Bell Labs, Google, and Palantir, we employ proven design practices, modern tools, and a spirit of continuous improvement.

Join the team

Corbalt is an all-remote company that offers flexibility, a close-knit team, and the chance to work in the public interest. We value perseverence, kindness, and self-motivation. And we're always looking for people to join us.